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00 Compare. reproduction dueling pistols. For years, dueling was a deep-rooted practice in American culture and flourished in nineteenth century Missouri.

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Full Stocked John Manton Flintlock Duelling Pistols, 24-Bore, circa 1797. PH0946 Charles Moore Percussion Target Pistol. He has created a series of Prop Facts about key props in Hamilton and well be sharing them all week in the run up to the July 3rd premiere.

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. "Replica Black Powder Dueling Pistols.

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. . 45 Caliber Percussion is made for those shooters who want to a true traditional experience. 00 348.

A lthough doctors and surgeons are usually associated with healing and the ethics of the Hippocratic Oath, the history of duelling, especially with pistols, provides fascinating instances of their involvement in organised combat
Until the mid-18th century, duels were
PARIS The house of Faur&233; Le Page once made ceremonial swords and guns for French royalty
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The Trapper has a 9 34" barrel with a 1 in 20" twist and Double Set Trigger
These pistols are great for taking to the range or for display